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Art against the other Areas of Knowledge

August 5, 2013

One of the most well known aspect of Art that a lot of people are considered to be into is Music, since Music is one of the most universal forms of Art that has existed even before man became civilized. Music is something that appeals to our emotions, since the sound that it produces can effectively change the mood that we feel. However, this emotion that we get from listening to music is not something that we would get from, for example, mathematics, science, or even ethics.

Mathematics and science are the areas of knowledge that are considered to have the most logic, and common sense in them. However, these traits are the ones that one would not be able to derive from an Art, or Music in particular. Similarly, one would not be able to find emotions that one can feel and experience when listening to Music when solving Mathematic problems, or conducting Scientific research. Others do say that listening to Music when performing something Math or Science related can help and motivate someone do better. On other other hand, it cannot be the same the other way, since Mathematics and Science can only calculate and study the details of Music, but cannot help in the production of it.

Besides, the things that one would learn from Ethics would be similar to the traits that one would learn from Mathematics and Science, only that it mainly revolves around reasoning and morality. With Ethics, one can learn how to handle situations with different ways of reasoning, trying to get over the problem as safely and logically as possible. These areas of knowledge are not usually associated with an area of art like Music, because reasoning is not something that one would want to be affected by one’s emotions, which is the main aspect that Music works around.

Seeing how other Areas of Knowledge focuses on the more practical skills that one would need to survive in life, such as logic, common sense, reasoning, or maybe even morality. Meanwhile, the Arts, Music in particular, appeals to our senses more, mainly sense of hearing and touching, and our emotions.

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