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Xavier School in a Nushell

July 19, 2013

Xavier School was first established on June 6, 1956 by three people, Fr. Jean Desautels, Fr. Louis Papilla, and Fr. Cornelius Pineau. The school was named after Saint Francis Xavier, one of the first Jesuit missionaries in China, which made the school establish itself as a Jesuit Chinese-Filipino school. Besides this, the school was also named after Xu Quangqi, a nobleman from the 1600’s who converted to Christianity, and helped spread it around China.


The school’s goal is to provide children with the best quality education that one can receive, while prompting them to grow as religious, well-balanced young men. The school also recently took in the K-12 educational system, which lets students go through grade school, middle school, and high school, compared to when middle school did not exist before. Besides this, on the start of the year 2010, Xavier School was also granted the status of being an International Baccalaureate World School, which is offered to selected students on the 11th and 12th grades.


Besides having the reputation of being a school with excellent quality, Xavier School also trains its students to be leaders. The students are encouraged to take up a few of the more than 50 clubs and committees that the school offers, which can help one grow in their field of specialty. Meanwhile, they also encourages its students to embrace religion, to be spiritual, while having the ability to be balanced with studies at the same time.


Xavier School promotes a student’s personal growth through its vision, to be “persons fully alive, endowed with a passion for justice and the skills for development.”, and through the 6C’s (Community, Character, Compassion, Culture, Competence, and Conscience) that it embeds in each student. This is in hopes of them not only internally growing with Character, Conscience, Compassion, and Competence, but also be of service to the Community while being able to appreciate one’s Culture in their Chinese-Filipino roots.


“Luceat Lux”, meaning “Let your light shine” in Latin, truly encapsulates what the school wants of its students; to mature into responsible and spiritual young leaders by going through personal growth, and by being aware of what is happening in one’s community.


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