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Reflection Questions on Kurbaan

July 12, 2013

What philosophy of knowledge is/are present in the clip? Explain.

 I think that there are two philosophies of knowledge present in the clip, mainly relativism and evaluativism. The Americans in the movie were mainly relativists, because they’re biased towards the Americans being the good guys during war, particularly during the 911 terrorism attack that happened. 

However, the Muslim dude is more of an evaluativist, because he actually argued about which side is the real terrorists. Even though he sounded partial to being on the Muslims’s side, he gave logical reasons and evidences to support his claim.  



Did active listening happen? What makes you say so?

 Active listening only happened with the Muslim dude, because he was the only one who gave reactions to other people’s statements after thinking through it logically. Meanwhile, the other students reflexively replied to the teacher’s words without thinking, possibly to get the answer out from him faster. The Muslim dude listened to others, gave facts, and actually gave his insights on that matter.


 What questions would you have asked had you been in the situation? List as many as you can.

  • What could be the reasons behind the Americans being (too) biased towards their side of the conflict?
  • Are the numbers that the Muslim dude give actually real statistics?
  • Who ARE more of terrorists, the Americans, or the Muslims?
  • How does discussing about the Jihaad, and understanding it, actually help with the conflict?
  • Is it in a human’s nature to be biased towards his/her origins?
  • In what ways can we avoid being biased towards something just because they’re partial to what we think is right?
  • Why aren’t the other students giving their opinions?
  • What’s the point of talking about Jihaad and understanding it when it doesn’t directly concern me?


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