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Review on Saving Private Ryan

July 3, 2013

After watching Saving Private Ryan, I felt mixed emotions inside me. Even though people remembered the movie more for the constant action, or the fact that the movie’s about the second world war, I still found the characters of the eight people finding Private Ryan more interesting. The fact that 70% of the movie was about their journey in different countries fighting for their country, and suddenly changing their mission into finding someone who they don’t even know shows how there really are selfless people who exists in this world. In our society today, it’s really hard to find people who persevere, while staying humble at the same time, at what they do. I find this common trait between the characters striking, and this made me enjoy the movie more. 


The only other war film I remember watching would be Pearl Harbor. In contrast to Pearl Harbor, I felt that Saving Private Ryan was more focused on one specific goal, which was to save Private Ryan. In Pearl Harbor, however, it portrayed what happened in the war in general, how it started, and how the United States got involved. Saving Private Ryan was a lot more personal, because the whole story was about preventing a mother from losing another son, and her last son at that. 


This movie is one that I would recommend to people who enjoys movies that has a mix of action, violence, while being able to be a sad and depressing one at the same time. Even though it’s a little dragging, the viewing experience was great, and the ending would make the audience crave for more. 

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  1. July 4, 2013 3:17 pm

    Nice review!

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