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December 6, 2012
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Ghosts are created when a person dies, and leaves his physical body. When a man dies, only his Soul, Mind, Intellect, and Ego continues to exist and goes back to the universe. Usually, Ghosts stay in the human world because they have unfulfilled desires before they died, such as things like sex, alcohol, getting revenge, or anything that can only be achieved through a human body. They torment living humans through hauntings, mainly because they can experience the things they did not get to/want to experience, or maybe because their personalities (greed, anger, fear, etc.). It’s also possible for them to become ghosts due to lack of “spiritual practice”. Their main goal is to make “bring unrighteousness” into society.

A lot of different evidences is worth mentioning, proving the existence of ghosts to be real. Residual hauntings are the said to be “recordings” on an environment wherein the ghost does the thing it used to do before dying again and again. Messengers are the apparitions that appear shortly after their death. Being aware if their situation, they simply appear to try comforting it’s loved ones before moving on. Projections, according to skeptics, are when ghosts appear because the person wants to, or think that he/she needs to, see to cope up with the emotional stress from the loss that they experience. Poltergeists, the most interesting one,are the spirits that are most prevalent to the people today. They’re the spiritual beings that are being blamed for the noises at night, disappearing things, taps on shoulders when no one’s around, or even does physical harm if they’re malevolent. They are sometimes considered to be demons, but some investigators believe that the experiences people have with poltergeists is only the mind trying to relieve emotional stress. The stress makes a mental mechanism called psychokinesis that causes physical disturbances around the person.

Scientists discredit these evidences because even though there’s a strong community confirmation, wherein the hauntings happen to numerous of people in the same places, and the fact that people actually say that it’s real because of all the photographic evidences, they feel that the repetition of the results aren’t accurate. Also, it only happens to people who are more “sensitive” to these beings. Since most “hauntings” are about people hearing or seeing things, it’s possible that there are just a product of the person’s brain. They cannot really consider photos, videos, or what people say as real evidences that ghosts exists, because they could have been tampered with or influenced by outside forces. Besides these, scientist think that there’s no logical explanation to why these ghosts exists. No proven physical evidence can be used, and the field of the supernatural clashes with science in the first place.

Even though the mystery behind ghosts is still unclear, I think that scientists should spend more time, money and effort in studying this issue. Even though the evidences go against the belief of scientists, they are still interesting enough, and is worth solving. If scientist think that everything should have a scientific explanation, shouldn’t the find the one for ghosts? I think that by using the money that people use for leisure on researching, this interesting mystery could be solved faster, giving our generation another triumph over nature.


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  1. December 6, 2012 3:25 am

    You might want to look at more scientific sites before you come to a conclusion. None of your sources are from scientific backgrounds!

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