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Using Math to Gain Knowledge About Love

October 17, 2012

I think that as the creative humans we are, we can use math to gather knowledge about love, but we should not use math to gain knowledge about it. In my opinion, love is something very personal, and involves how we want to express our emotions toward the things that we love. Math, on the other hand, involves a lot of thinking, logic, and problem solving revolving around numbers. If we think about it, both love (as an emotion), and math can be considered something made up by humans to explain how things work, or how people feel. Having that as a common ground, we can then say that it’s possible to use math to gain knowledge as math. For example, we discussed in class that statistics is widely used to survey the feelings and emotions of a person towards something/someone. It’s okay for us to use math in that case, but I feel that it should just stay that way, because the concept of logic and gut-feel doesn’t really mix together well.

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