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SOP Week 4

January 30, 2012


This week, I was nearly late getting to Boys Town. I was able to get there at 8:29, only to find 2 of my group mates there with Mr. Salumbides. I thought that I was going to be late, but was able to get there on time. I settled down with my group mates, until around six of us were there already. We walked to the cottage without food, a performance, and a gift. 


After a few minutes of talking with our partners, our group mate, Pobs, was able to come before the “late time” with all the food that we needed. We took our time to prepare for the performance, which was us singing a few songs with a guitar that was played by Julien. While Julien was practicing, the rest of us were talking with our group mates, and we took a few minutes to finalize everything. Once we performed, I was sad to find out that our counterparts didn’t prepare anything for us even though we went through a lot to make a performance for them. Even if they didn’t do anything for us, I still feel like they have made a mark on me, and made me a better person.


I learned that even though I didn’t participate much in these past 4 weeks, I think that I’ve done my part in being a good friend to my cottage. I think that they made a mark on how I live too. I was able to see God during our last day as a group, because He made it possible for us to come together and enjoy each others company. I was able to learn that it wasn’t the actions of these people that count, but the time that we spent together.

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