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SOP Week 3

January 30, 2012

For the third week of SOP, we planned as a group to celebrate the birthdays of the two group mates that we had in our cottage. We planned to bring cakes, and we agreed on bringing pens, paper, and notebooks so that we could teach our group mates anything that they had difficulty in school. 

Like the usual crammer that I am, I prepared the materials that I needed the night before. Packing a pack of pad paper, two notebooks, and three pens, I was ready for the next day. I arrived in Boys Town at around 8am, and found Mr. Salumbides there (as usual). We had a chat while we waited for the others. As they came one by one, I grew to notice that none of them prepared for the activity! They didn’t have the materials, and most of them arrived at 9am. What made the day worse was that Migu, who was assigned to bring the cakes, came the latest. We sang a birthday song for the celebrants, and proceeded to divide the cake. Since no one brought the materials (besides me), the group went to play “monkey in the middle” for the third time of our stay. After we played monkey in the middle, the little boys enjoyed the rest of their time playing with Nigel’s boxing gloves.

I learned that as a person, we have to always be prepared, and prepare for the things that we’ll face in the future. I learned that even though we planned for something, it is possible that God has other plans for us. It’s possible that we planned to teaching our group mates random things, but God wanted us to just have fun; enjoy our youth. Lastly, I learned that the less fortunate people does more productive things that I do. They’re the people what I should learn from, streetwise. I think that with a little support, they can succeed more compared to most of the other people. 

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