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SOP Week 2, January 14, 2011

January 16, 2012

On our second week of SOP, we were told that Mr. Salumbides won’t be able to come with us, so Brother Min Cheol had to take care of us. 


We started early, and we once again proceeded to enjoy another “bonding” hour with our group playing soccer. I think that it was pretty selfish for my group to insist on playing soccer because a majority of our partners don’t even play soccer. The others may have preferred to play basketball, but I think that the point of being there and interacting with people that we don’t know is to be exposed to the living conditions of the people that are less privileged compared to us. I felt bad, because I was not able to interact with the people more than I did the previous week when I could have done a lot more than what I did, so I resolve to do my best this coming week.


I learned that I am a person who is not really sociable. I think that I should really focus on being able to talk to people, no matter where they came from. I learned that even though the people I interacted with are less fortunate that I am, they’re also people. They can be, and are shy when it comes to taking the initiative to talk with the other people. I think that I should also be able to encourage them to be open by being open myself. I learned that God has a reason for letting people be like this, and that I think He has great plans stored for us.

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