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SOP Week 1, January 7, 2012

January 9, 2012

Journal Entry for the 1st Saturday January 7, 2012

When I got to the place at 7:50 AM, I was honestly scared. I told my driver to not leave the car, and to keep it locked. The people there were keep on looking at me, and i was terrified. I finally came out of my car thirty minutes later, when Mr. Cabanos appeared. Followed by two of my other classmates, we stood outside the old building, which is sixty-five years old by the way, and looked around nervously. I was afraid to leave the side of the teachers, fearing for my safety. As more students arrived, I grew more comfortable, and started walking around. What I never knew was how this experience would just hit me in the face, and give me reasons to be ashamed with how I acted that morning.

After getting oriented in the main house, we walked down a small road that leads to the cottages where we met up with the people we interacted with. Finding Cottage C, I stayed behind Mr. Salumbides even with my large height. The boys there were honestly not the kind of people I expected to meet. At first, I thought that they were our age, only to find out that they were older than the person older in my group, Hanz. We had a short talk (more like a fail icebreaker) until the group agreed to go play basketball in the nearby court. Well, the Xavier part of the group actually. There were some of us who played basketball, and there were some of us who played volleyball. There was a little boy, who suddenly grabbed me by the arms, and made me walk like a robot. I scolded myself for not being the one who approached the boy. We walked and played around for what seemed like hours, and I knew that I met a new friend. After that, the place didn’t seem so bad at all, and I was excited at what were the things that would come next week.

That day, I learned that I have habits that I should change. Like that fact that I didn’t want to go down because I thought that people like “them” were the kind of people that would rob from me. I thought that they would be bad people, therefore making them people that aren’t worth my time, until I saw with my own eyes how fortunate I am as a person. The poor live simple lives, and I should be humble, just like them. I leaned that God has been a merciful God, and still is. He has graced me with all the things that I have, and that I should be thankful for being alive right now.

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